The sun sets and I think to myself

That tomorrow will be the day

The day I make my life right

The day I stop running, stop hiding

Stop lying

The day I start living

But then the sun rises

And I fall into the same patterns

My tomorrow turns into today

My today turns into yesterday

And the lies are still coming

I’m still running, still hiding

The sun sets, and I think tomorrow-

Will tomorrow be the day?





SHE part 1

She can’t remember a time when the worry was not there

A time when she did not add up calories eaten and hours spent at the gym each day

She knows that there had to have been a time in her life that she was at peace

She cannot believe that she has been this anxious forever

If only she could remember that feeling of freedom

The feeling of not being obsessed

Maybe if she could remember, then she could go back

She could go back and hold on to that feeling

Hold on to it so that she could have peace now

But she can’t remember