A hard truth for some to hear and accept….

I’m gonna go on a short rant. I have been an athlete pretty much my entire life. I understand that working out can be hard (it should be if you want results but that seems like a no-brainer). I have to say, I am SO tired of people complaining about how hard their workouts are. Athletes and adult fitness enthusiasts alike. Playing and then coaching, I routinely heard athletes complain about how hard workouts were, now as an adult (well sometimes I’m an adult), I have to listen to grown-people complain about how hard their workouts are. Here’s the thing that irritates me- NO ONE IS MAKING YOU DO IT. If you don’t want to do a hard conditioning test, then quit the team, quit your sport, go do something that isn’t so hard for you. That is your choice to make. If you don’t want to do fasted cardio, then don’t do it, go eat all you want and then walk on the treadmill, or don’t walk, it is 100% up to you. It’s so annoying to hear people complaining about something that they can control. If you want the end results of working hard, then shut up and do the work. You knew it would be hard when you started, complaining about that toughness doesn’t make it easier. I won’t complain after an intense workout because I understand that I am the one who is making me do it. That’s what makes the hard work so enjoyable- I am disciplining myself to do something that is uncomfortable. People need to realize they are in control of that too, so either do the work or don’t but stop complaining about how hard your workout is or how much you don’t want to do it. The choice and consequences of that choice are yours either way.


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